A year ago, HongKong Disneyland called me up and gave the amazing opportunity to experience the happiest place on earth. Without hesitation, I jumped on the plane and headed straight to it! This time, when my family decided to spend the Holidays in HongKong, I knew exactly where to take them! We had four kids with us and eleven of us were kids at heart, so it was a decision everyone was happy with! Hope you enjoy the photos!

Meet my awesome parents! Who do I look like?

That’s me, my nephew Gavin and his dad, my brother, Dicky. The three of us look most alike, especially our face shape!

We sat and waited for the parade to start, and luckily, my nephew was one of the kids chosen to participate in it! Look at how happy he is! I wish I were a kid again so I could be part of the parade too lol

It’s an absolute must to spend sunset by the beautiful Castle. It looks ten times better than this in real life, but I couldn’t take photos anymore because it was getting so dark!

I made sure to do the things I wasn’t able to the last time I was in Disneyland, like watch the Lion King show, or ride the carousel. There’s really so much to do at Disneyland, even for young adults and real adults!

Of course, I couldnt let the day pass without hopping on the RC Racer at ToyStory land again! Its the scariest ride in the park, and I wish I could ride it again and again and again!

We capped our day off by having dinner at the Corner Cafe while waiting for the fireworks to start. Even after seeing it a number of times already, it never stops being absolutely magical, and I always end the day feeling like I truly am in the Happiest Place on Earth!

Clothes for the Goddess sweater (similar here), H&M hat, Shop Bijous necklace, SM GTW pants, Cole Haan Lunar Grand oxfords, Celine bag

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All non-outfit shot photos taken with Canon S110 Digital Camera.