Dressing with a formula

Hello there lazy girls! If you’re rushing to school-work-play and just need a simple system for a no-fail ensemble for a day-night adventure, try this: tank top + shorts + blazer + heels. It usually works. Once you’ve got that down and figured out which cuts work for your body, you can play around with it and experiment on cuts, colors, textures and everything else!

For example, because I’m petite, I chose to wear short high waisted shorts to give the illusion of longer legs. Never mind that it cut’s my torso in half! I’d rather have long legs than a long upper body (especially on camera, where it’s more flattering). Because the hem is way to high, I wore black cycling shorts underneath. It’s a cute trend that also works wonders in lace. I bought one from F21 when it first opened in Manila, but they didn’t put it in the bag after I paid for it! And I had no proof, so it’s gone forever! *sheds tear*

I opted for gold pumps to further amplify the leg. Pumps work best because they don’t have straps that cut the illusion of the leg shorter. The gold hue also works like nude and other light colors (depending on your natural skin tone) by blending in seamlessly with the skin. Imagine if I wore black chunky wedges with this look. It would instantly chop off the line of the leg!

My accessories were in gold to match my belt and shoes- the simplest trick in the book. I went with charming ones that gave off a worn in and meaningful vibe.

Finally, my top and blazer are the same color because I wanted to look more put together. Black also slims you down on your “chubby days” and creates a more mature appearance. Because of this, I opted for a low cut graphic tank from Saint Noir to keep my outfit on the young and edgy side. I chose an oversized blazer to play with the silhouette (and to hide my butt from the public!) teehee.

And there you have it! The tank+shorts+blazer+heels combo is yours to try! Have fun!

Saint Noir tank, Iwearsin blazer, Romwe shorts, Mango belt, Luxury Mall heels, Eazy Fashion slim rings, House of Luxe long ring, H&M lace bra

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