Easy Event Make Up

Hey hey hey!!! Here’s another make up tutorial to respond to all the requests here on my blog. Oooh look at me and my two video tutorials! I think I need a tap on the back! lol Anyhow, this is what I normally do when I have an event or important meeting to attend. Basically, it’s just a glammed up version of my everyday look. Again, I’m no expert (duh), so these tips and tricks are all just based on personal experience. It’s very similar to my first video, I just added a few steps, used a few different products and slowed down the tempo (though its still pretty speedy!). Hope you like it!

Video taken with Canon PowerShot GX1
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23 Responses to Easy Event Make Up

  1. Elka says:

    I looooved it! I’ve been coming back to your site on how you use a liquid eyeliner like an expert! :)

  2. Christine says:

    You look pretty even without makeup!

  3. Damaris says:

    Hi Kryz, i wish you showed what kind of brush you used in here and what foundation you applied. Thanks.

  4. Honey Lyn says:

    loveeee ittttttttt! thank u kryz! :)

  5. Michelle says:

    you always look so gorgeous! are your eyes monolid or double lid because in different pics they look different?

  6. carmille says:

    you areso very very beatiful………….
    kryz šŸ˜€

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