Emerald With Envy

And the pantone color for 2013 is… Emerald Green! Whoohoo! I’ve always loved this color, especially on accessories, so Im beyond ecstatic that it’s making a big comeback! They’re classy and elegant, deep yet playful, and engulfing without being too brooding like black (did that make any sense at all?) Okay okay, I know it’s just a color, so sue me. I get excited about everything (as witnessed by the many exclamation points in my posts !!!) But if you still care to play around with the wonderful color of green, then by all means, read on! (!!!)

I chose a simple black and white outfit, to make sure that the emerald hues of my look POP. They provide such a sophisticated kind of vigour, don’t you think? Imagine if I wore neon accessories instead- the look would change dramatically! Green always compliments my skin tone making me seem whiter and airbrushed (at least in my head it does lol) So I urge you to get some emerald pieces for yourselves next year!

 What do you think?

WAGW top, Clothes for the Goddess leather shorts (similar here), Mango belt, SM Acc jewellry, Charles and Keith heels

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17 Responses to Emerald With Envy

  1. Joanna says:

    so nice!! simple but still gorgeous!! happy holidays!! ☺☺

  2. sassyshann says:

    It looks really classy on you but a little too regal for me.


  3. mk says:

    this is for summer look..haha.kidding

  4. Tara says:

    I showed my mother the jewelry because she loves that color and she said it was pretty. I loved your top. Cute and sexy.

  5. Charisse Roa says:

    For the nth time, I really love your shoe collection! Suede in emerald green color with a touch of gold?! Just perfect! Casual look but still can make someone say “Oohhh” and “Ahhh” 😉

  6. JILL says:

    you always look good on everything you wear.

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