En Camino a Barceloneta

After our first day at Park Güell, the girls and I were in much need of a quick change and shower. Spain was scorching hot, and we wanted to be comfortable for happy hour and the rest of the night. We were told there was a party (with fireworks) at the Playa de Barceloneta, and we wanted to be there for it! Looking back at our outfits that day, we were NOT ready for a night out at all! 😅

We dropped by Las Ramblas and the famous La Boqueria for some quick bites, and then headed down the road in search for Betty Ford– a hip happy hour joint in Barcelona.

The interiors at Betty Ford begged to be photographed- as if it knew we were coming! Turns out, Laureen and I had matching “chill outfits” that perfectly worked with the restaurant. After a quick photo, we turned off our cameras and enjoyed the yummy cocktails they had to offer.

At about 8:30PM, we walked out of there and the sun was still up. WHAAAT? If only we had the same situation back home. Imagine walking home from work with about 4 more hours of daylight. We could get so much more work done! Also, I’m turning into a tomato here! Happy hour turned out to be a little extra happy 😅.


We finally made it to Barceloneta (after running after a million cabs)! *note: there is no UBER in Barcelona!

Walking along the beach was fun, especially because the people there were so game. We sang despacito badly to so many strangers, made a few new friends, and had a wonderful night. So much memories! Can’t wait to show you scenes from this night on my vlog. Wait up for it!