Facial Care Campaign BTS

I’m soooo happy to be part of the Facial Care family, but I guess you guys already know that! They really have top notch service- everyone is so professional about everything and so accommodating. Plus, I’ve been a customer for 7 years now, and I’m still one, so I really do believe in their services, especially Laserlight. It’s a permanent hair removal treatment that you can read more on here. I want you guys to get to experience it for yourself because it’s really the best investment ever for a woman IMHO. Hence, giveaway time! If you haven’t joined in on my Laserlight giveaway yet, please please hurry up and join because tomorrow is the very last day to enter. To remind you about it, here’s a peek at what went on behind the scenes when we shot the campaign. I got to work with the very talented Photography legend: Mark Nicdao, and I was just floored at how smoothly everything went and how down to earth he was about it. #Pressured was the understatement of the day! I had to “bring it” cause I didn’t want to disappoint the team! lol NJ, Bea and the rest of the Facial Care crew also surprised me with a birthday cake as it was a few days past my birthday when we shot. Soooo sweet right? Honestly feeling so blessed to be part of this new campaign. <3