Fade Out

I’ve stayed put in my favorite city for almost a month now, and though it feels strange to keep my feet on the same ground for 30 straight days, I’m learning to appreciate it more and more. I’ve even had certain epiphanies like “so this is what my life would be like if I had everyday routines!” Knowing how the next 2 weeks would pan out, or having free days with absolutely nothing to do is an experience so refreshing, that sometimes I have to triple check my calendar to see if I was indeed scheduled for nothing! That’s what happens when you work as a free lance artist or a professional. You’re schedule is pretty erratic, and you have free days, hectic weeks, busy months and strange hours in between! I don’t exactly know what life has in store for me in the future (#FeelingReflective), but I guess my plan is just to roll with the punches, and appreciate every moment of this wonderful world.

This past month, I’ve had the pleasure of being busy with WAGW– working on new improvements for our customers like better sizing, design and quality developments, future plans and the like. I’ve been able to head out to my office on an almost daily basis and really use it more than I probably have in the past months prior. Yoga practice in the afternoons have become part of my “must do’s” like eating breakfast and having dessert and coffee after every meal. Monday brunch with team WAGW has also been a regular staple and I’m so happy about getting to spend time with my sisters more often. I’ve also abused all restaurants under the Abacca group chain (A cafe, Tavolata, Phat Pho, Maya) making them my personal kitchen at any time of the day. And while all these things seem mundane and ordinary to everyone, having this kind of life is new to me, and every routine day is a new adventure I can’t wait to experience. This isn’t to say I don’t miss flying everywhere and going to shoots, meeting new people, doing new things- heck, I love that more than anything. But sometimes a good break like this is just what we need to keep ourselves in check and to help us appreciate the little things in life. Hope you guys get appreciate your ultra cool boring routines too!

Runway dreams top, Shop Megagamie shorts (similar here), Chanel bag, Juicy Couture watch from Meridian Timepieces, Goody barette, Zara heels

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