Faded Follies

Pastel colors are always so refreshing. They’re colorful without being overpowering and their subtle tones bright out a certain mysteriousness and class. Don’t you think? Today, I bring you another way to wear those skinny jeans and polo combos. Instead of covering yourself up completely, do a mini tie knot bottom, showing a hint of skin from your torso, and fold up those sleeves above the elbow for a boxy boyfriend tee effect. You can also button your polo all the way up and wear your neckpiece over the collar instead of under it so it’s given more attention.

I’m a sucker for braided chain details. They just spell class so easily, it’s hard not to like them! This particular piece from bubbles has a tie knot lock, so you can adjust how long or short you want the strand to be. It also makes your necklace more youthful and playful!

My three Β favorite used and abused vintage slim rings from my mom! I’m soooo sad because I lost the one on my ring finger! It slipped out while I was driving and I didn’t want to risk getting into a car crash by finding it! When I arrived at my destination, I tried looking for it but to no avail! πŸ™ Price you have to pay for having such skinny fingers! πŸ™

What do you think about my pastel-block look?

Applerust polo, WAGW bag and pants (similar here), Luxury Mall heels(similar here), Reecn sunnies, Binkydoodles necklace, Tag Heuer watchΒ 

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Hello from HongKong! I’m exhausted from all the shopping and walking we’ve been doing. (And honestly, all the chinese food too! *GASP*) Any recommendations on where to eat here, aside from the usual? Favorite hot spots and secret places? I’m all ears!