Fall so hard

This is my version of an airport-ready outfit. Well, sans the heels. Comfy cotton tank, comfy skinny jeans, comfy cover up and comfy accessories.

Tee-jeans combo + accessories that don’t hurt when you move around are the perfect things to have on. I make sure my legs are covered up specifically, in case I need to bend over and fix something. To add a little spice, opt for a long cardigan or polo in a chic print as your cover up to keep you cozy on the plane. Make sure to have little or no metal on you, just so you don’t have to go though frisking at the x-ray section!

Unless you’re sure you won’t be walking around much, I don’t suggest you wear heels. It’s good to keep you looking in tip top shape after a long haul flight- just make sure to pack a pair of flats for you to change into during the check in process.

WAGW long polo, Zara pants, Aldo shoes, SM Accessories necklace, Scrunch top, So Fab flats

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48 Responses to Fall so hard

  1. Cheska says:

    Hi! Kryz, wat kind of dslr did u use? Super like it!!:) really appreciate ur reply!

  2. Christelle says:

    Hi Kryz! May I know what your hair color is? Thank you!

  3. Lady B says:

    I love this hairstyle!

  4. Princess says:

    Hello Ms Kryz Uy!
    I admire your sense of fashion and I noticed that you have a lot of shoes, bags, clothes. So how do you organize all your stuff? Can you do a feature of your closet at home? So we would have an idea how you store all of your wonderful stuff. Thank you very much!

  5. Jin says:

    Love this casual outfit!!!

  6. violet says:

    love this look. i am big leopard lover so this is even better and the shoes are so cute


  7. Olivia says:

    Kisses.. (:

  8. Jared Odulio says:

    Honestly, the heels are better…just sayin’ from guy’s observation. :)

  9. Kathleen says:

    Hi Kryz! Do you still sell that WAGW leopard print polo? :)

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