Fancy bumping into you

One of the most random days in SF turned out to be quite the stroke of luck for us. Again! We were spending an arm and a leg on Uber rides across the city, so we decided to walk around and explore our neighborhood for more local finds, and save on the rides. Without any destination in mind, we ended up running into all the spots we planned to check out- without even trying!..and for free!

 It rained and then stopped- got sunny and then rained again. SF weather is the most unpredictable! That’s why I wore a hat every single day! Thank God for fedoras!

From strolling out of union square (where we stayed) to nob hill, we got a beautiful view of the residential part of SF. And, Slater was able to capture the cable car photograph he envisioned! Check out his Instagram page and his photography page to see it!

So many pigeons!

And funny signs we spotted on the way!

Also ran into this fire station along Chinatown, and did the most touristy thing ever. Whaaaat? The lighting was perfeeeect!

We just kept walking and then looked right and saw this super steep hill going up. Since we had no destination in mind, we decided to go ahead and climb it. Not only did we get this sick view above…

We ended up reaching the Coit Tower, which was located just above that hill! The shot taken above is the view from the tower. Isn’t it craaaazy??? Slater and I really planned to make time to get there, and as luck would have it, we made it without even trying!

Ahh looking at all these photos makes me miss SF so much. That was such a good trip because we had amazing coffee and food every single day, we took our time and took chances, and made so many beautiful memories. Can’t wait to share more with you guys in the coming days. Especially the vlog! Wait up for it- it’s coming this Sunday!!!


Let me know if you guys like this kind of layout for my travel photos! I’m trying something new and would love to hear what you think!