Some of the features/articles I was able to save

30 Responses to Features

  1. zucchini says:

    what brands do you love most?

    • Kryz says:

      I love so many brands! Usually the ones i patronize, youll notice them alot on my blog. My fave has to be WAGW of course!

  2. dianne says:

    wow. so many features! i can’t believe how successful you are right now :) you inspire me, A LOT. i wanna be like you. simple, stylish, hardworking, pretty and very very smart. keep up what you do and i do wish you all the best! ♥

  3. Siyaam Ally says:

    Soooo glad I found your Blog – awesome stuff! Love your Style!

  4. cheryl says:

    hi! great blog and fashion aesthetics 😀
    I wanted to read your features sna there are links to the articles

    • Kryz says:

      Thanks Cheryl!!! :) Unfortunately, wala :( but maybe you can google them? Sorry, I didnt save the links.