February Lifestyle is Back with a Bang (literally!)

Presenting… for the first time ever… our Summer collection for February Lifestyle! 👏🏻

It took a while for us (one whole year to be exact) to come up with a new batch of designs, but it’s only because I didn’t want to release something just for the sake of keeping up with trends. February is about getting inspiration from the world, finding beauty in the odds, and making that into a wearable reality that we can all enjoy. After another year of travel, experiencing differnt cultures and meeting new people- we’ve come up three quirky new designs to add spice to your looks this season. We’re back- with a bang! A literal one! Find fun fringes on all our slings in a variety of ways. Using the same Japanese straw, Philippine Raffia, and Buri, we’ve created the same 100% handmade, high quality bag that you’ve always enjoyed.

And because it’s 100% hand made- up to the hand-painted lady bugs and beads- we’re slowly churning out these bags in 2-3 weeks. Which means my readers will get the chance to PREORDER one for 10% off if you place an order by this weekend (April 16)! We will process your orders after the holidays (April 17), and ship out your bags 2-3 weeks from now. This is super exclusive for my readers (it’s not even up on the site yet!!!) so just email your orders to info@februarylifestyle.com with your name, address, contact number, and order; and on Monday, we will email you back with the total amount + shipping and bank details. Sound good?

Check out the collection below!

In Your Face

In Your Face Crossbody P2800 | In Your Face Coin Purse P980

Length 18.5cm ||  Width 18.5cm || Depth 4.5 cm

Length 10 cm ||  Width 10 cm || Depth 2.5 cm

Inspired by the many faces people put when they meet other people from different walks of life. The straw full bangs, red pouty lips, long lashes and single earring in the form of the zipper handle all contribute to her mystery and allure.

Ants In Your Pants

Ants in Your Pants Crossbody P2800 | A Coin Purse P980

Length 18.5cm ||  Width 18.5cm || Depth 4.5 cm

Length 10 cm ||  Width 10 cm || Depth 2.5 cm

People tend to fall in line when the rest of society does. It’s a natural tendency to want to fit in, and do what everyone else is doing. But we encourage you to dare to be different. Follow rules, but know when to break them. Fall in line, but know how to stand out.

Be My Lady Bug

Be My Lady Bug Crossbody || P3800

Length 26 cm ||  Height 19 cm || Depth 2 cm

Come out of your hiding place! Nothing great ever came out of comfort zones. The world is a humungous place with lots of space for you to grow and discover yourself. Get out there and live your life!