Feeling like a Prom Queen (or a Disco ball)

When I got this dress in the mail all the way from New York, I was leaping up and down with joy. It took me to a time seven years ago when I had my Junior-Senior Prom. At that time, I really wanted a dress like this, but the designer I asked had his own “vision” of my prom dress in mind. I didn’t want to question his creative genius, so I didn’t try to change his mind. And I didn’t like the end result either. So, I went to another designer and had another prom dress made, at the very last minute. Due to time constraints, it wasn’t so hot either.

Well, I don’t have prom anymore, and I’m not a pedofile who wants to attend one either, so I I wore this beautiful creation to a fashion show instead. Wait- before you react, you need to know who the show was for: Furne One. That’s right, Zee lifestyle Cebu did a show for the master in intricate beadwork! The dress was perfect! The whole night, people kept asking me where I got my dress (hinting Furne made it) and couldn’t believe me when I told them it was off the rack!

To keep it playful and less “dainty-girl-goes-to-prom,” I accessorised with this beautiful Siren’s slumber clutch designed by Neil Felipp, a local accessory designer here in Cebu, and a good friend of mine. He was inspired by the ocean, so he took a the Capiz sheel and hand painted it to replicate the gradient blues of the deep sea, and added a stunning mermaid resting on top of it. When I saw this, it took my breath away. I just knew it was the perfect final touch to my look.

That night’s arm party consisted of silver pieces stacked in a line. Charriol watch to keep it classy, Cartier love bracelet- just because I keep wearing it now a days, and my two infinity bracelets to add a hint of glam. I stacked them up because I didn’t want to look too put together and too debutant for the night.

Nude heels were my choice of footwear because I wanted all the attention to go to my dress and clutch. Nude shoes always go with your look without confusing the eye.

What do you think?

 photos by Leagoeson