Feline Friend

Wearing leopard as blatantly as I can while I’m still young enough to do it! Once you hit your thirties, it’ll be harder to dress in animal print and leather without looking like a cougar (or something else I’d rather not say.) I chose to wear this rather “mature” look with a cute kitty clutch and low heels to make it less rawrrr and more day time appropriate (although this doesn’t quite scream sunday wear either!) I still love it though. Do you? Boom. Fierce! (Inside joke for everyone who watched this video! lol)

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25 Responses to Feline Friend

  1. Beth says:

    As a thirty-four year old woman and fashion enthusiast, I rather find your opening statement rather ageist. Being in your 30’s and wearing animal print does not make one look like a cougar. Perhaps when you are in your late 40s or 50s, yes, but most definitely NOT in your 30’s!!! If you google “Kate Moss leopard print” or even Heidi Klum, you can see them wearing the print blatantly with finesse and style and not cougar-like, and both women are 39 years old.

    • Kryz says:

      Hi Beth! Thank you for your comment! I didnt mean to offend anyone, but what I simply meant was I would not want to wear it myself when Im 30. Perhaps because I wont be able to pull it off like Kate Moss or Heidi Klum or perhaps even you :) Hope you dont take offence and what I said, Im sure you look ravishing in animal print 😉

      • stef says:

        I’ve gotta agree with you on this one kryz. I personally think animal prints (particularly that blouse you’re wearing with the low neck line and all!) can turn out rather cougar-ish on 30-40 women. But I guess it’s also in the way you style it or what piece you’re wearing oorr if you’re perpetually blessed with a youthful look haha. I guess we’ll find out when we turn 30! :)


  2. Lydia says:

    Wow you look so mature here! So different!


  3. Sasa says:

    love your clutch

  4. Veronica d. says:

    I love this post, very beautiful!!! One of my favourite fashion blogger!! :-)

  5. ish says:

    love the look, the leather shorts are amazing and adore the cat bag
    xx ish

  6. Vivian says:

    The kitty clutch is so cute!


  7. Krizy says:

    Hot Cougar! :)

  8. hi kryz!

    you are pretty and nice pic :P.

    i am Deaf

  9. Bea Marin says:

    You’re so sexy! You’re now my thinspiration. Seriously how do you have both the bust and booty? :( Nakakaingget!

  10. Loila L. says:

    Cute kitty clutch!!! 😀

  11. Sophia says:

    I love your look!

    May I know what lipstick you are wearing in this please ? It’s a really nice colour :) .


  12. Jacklyn says:

    beautiful! love it!

    Jacklyn ☮❤ from Aly´s Book

  13. karen says:

    hi kryz! your shoes are so sexy!

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