Finding Home in Yosemite

The number one thing that made our Yosemite trip super fun and epic was our house. Instead of booking a hotel, we decided to rent an entire home via Airbnb. The one we chose was INSANE! It was HUGE, clean, fully equipped with appliances and had the perfect log cabin vibe we were looking for to stay cozy during the cold winter nights. It was a struggle to look for the house when we arrived dead in the night, but after a few funny mishaps and the boys shoveling the street so we could get through, we finally made it! Our group of six took turns with the chores, cooking, cleaning and setting up- totally a great experience.

It was so easy to wake up bright and early because we had such a perfect sunny view from our kitchen. While the boys played (read: shoveled snow) outside, I had my warm up of chocolate milk and soaked up all the cozy this weather had to offer!

This was the situation right outside our house. Look at the piles and of snow!

I think I could have stayed a whole weekend in this house without going out. It was really beautiful. It’s hard to get a view like this living in the tropics, so I’m really milking this for all its worth!

I asked my #bloggerjowas bae to take my OOTD and we ended up playing in the snow and sharing a few good laughs. Mostly because Madame Lissa was there doing her thing. Watch out for my vlog to know what I’m talking about! Sneak peek here.

Look how pretty it is at night!!!!! Those stars 🌟 ✨ ⭐️!!!

If you ever plan on visiting Yosemite, I definitely recommend renting this house. Oh, and prepare your paper maps or load your GPS waaay in advance because this place has no signal! The perfect detox, if I do say so myself!