Fort Point

I’ve seen the Golden Gate bridge from above, from the left and the right, from near and from afar. And so I thought, what else could we do? Go under it of course! Lol Oo, di kami nagsawa sa bridge na ‘to! Only because, well, it’s beautiful, but also since it’s so iconically San Francisco, and we’ve learned to love the city so much! We heard about the view from Fort Point and made our way inside and around it. The very top of the fort leads you right under the bridge where this photo above was taken. The wind was so intense up there, I felt like I could actually fly off! The crazy thing was, there were people surfing on the massive waves under the bridge. They know no fear!!! The wind was howling like it meant serious business, but somehow, I felt like I was so safe right on this spot. If it didn’t start to rain, I could’ve stayed there staring at the waves for hours!