Free Spirit

So why am I suddenly dressed all boho like and standing beside a huge tractor? Well, I got tired of office wear and decided to venture out into the “wild” in my loose clothes and wedge sneakers! It’s fun to mix it up sometimes, and though bohemian isn’t really my style, I still enjoy dipping my toes into it once in a while! The most interesting and equally the most disturbing part of this mini field trip was actually running around the patch of greenery and stopping to discover a skeleton of a dog’s face somewhere on the ground. I have no idea how it got there or what in the world could have happened, but I was mortified and hurriedly ran back to the safety of my wilderness free life. (I’m afraid of Dogs, in case you guys didn’t know that!) Creepy, right?

H&M dress (similar here), SM Accessories scarf, socks and hat, S&H wedge sneakers (similar here), Louis Vuitton bag

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