Galaxy Girl

Do you think I’m wearing a dress or two separates put together? With the same fabric on two pieces like this, it’s hard to tell! I got this awesome skirt from Sheinside a few months ago, and thought it would look perfect with a matching galaxy print top. Much to my delight, this top is coming out this December at WAGW! I love two-piece combos like this as much as I love dresses because they’re just so easy to throw on, and they always guarantee a put together look!

Notice anything different? I changed to a different print of Galaxy, and I’m wearing shorts! These are also coming soon at WAGW in a few weeks and I thought I’d take them out for a spin to see how they fit. The verdict? Perfection! I love how the two galaxy prints looked so well together because their colors were so in-sync!

Getting addicted to no-platform heels of the strappy variety. They’re just so much sleeker and sexier than their chunky counterparts, don’t you think?

What do you think about my look?

WAGW top, Sheinside skirt, Choies stilettos, Island Girl necklace, Lemon Online bag, Zero UV sunnies, Philip Stein watch

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39 Responses to Galaxy Girl

  1. Lovely, now I really must get some cat-eye sunglasses, but the cold outside just keeps discouraging me! LOL

  2. Sue says:

    wau, very interested shoes :-)

  3. Love the shoes too, actually, but aren’t the chunky counterparts easier to walk in, and easier on your feet too? I fall for strappy things, and these are a unique shoe.

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