Gastown + Best Food Ever

Gastown is a beaute, and easily one of my favorite places in Vancouver. Not only because I find the singing steam clock as a tourist attracting quite funny (it seriously just makes a sound every 15 minutes), but because the whole place is loaded with character (the shops! Perfectly curated shops!). And REALLY GOOD FOOD. I’m talking REALLY GOOD. I’ve had my fair share of fancy dinners and must try restaurants, but boy, I’m not kidding when I say this place is not for the dieter. Vancouver has immensely rich ingredients (even their eggs taste 10x better!), and the diverse culture in the city make their dishes a hodge podge of gastronomical bliss! It’s intense guys. My favorite restaurant BY FAR has to be PIDGIN at Gastown. Our friend Noelle took us there and we ended up eating almost the entire menu! It was insane! Plus, the cocktails were so good, they even customized one for me cause I couldn’t decide what I wanted! AAAahhh if only I could fly back just for another dinner at Pidgin (or Gyu!!!) I’m salivating already!

Tuna Sashimi, Smoked Yolk Puree, Shishito Pear Salsa

Oyster Shot, Apple, Horseradish + Cocktail (forgot the name, sorry!)

Kohlrabi, Dan dan noodle salad, Tofu, Almonds

Kale, Nori-Kraut, Wild Mushrooms

Mushrooms, snap peas, eggs, soy yuzu brown butter

Potato Mentaiko Udon, Spicy cod roe, Nori Butter, Furikake

Spring Salmon, Apple, Pistachio Puree, Ikura, Mustard Tosazu

The Ceasar

Hollyhoque coat, Details shirtdress, Topshop leggings, Beyene Stockholm sneakers (Free Shipping for all orders using my code: kryzbeyene), H&M scarf

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