Going Greek

I wore this stunning dress to go yachting with a few of my friends last week. Okay, that sounded totally pretentious. As much as I want that to sound like a normal thing for me, it really isn’t! Truth is, my friends and I were at that yacht for a reason, and I’ll tell you about it next month, so stay tuned! All I can say for now is that we had a blast in our all white ensembles (and me in my Greek Goddess inspired one)! Thank God for Style Staple and always keeping me readily in style at all times! Wish I could fill my wardrobe with their pieces! Definitely one of my favorite stores!

Style Staple dress (similar here), SM Accessories necklace and bangles, Michael Kors watch

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55 Responses to Going Greek

  1. Pam says:

    so Pretty, Such Class,Kryzuy, Love it!!!
    Xo Pam

  2. cathy says:

    Absolutely breathtaking! 😀

    check out my last fall-inspired outfit:

    check out my post on falls favorite trend: orange!

  3. karen says:

    hi your so cute :’) by the way i have a lot of questions hope you don’t mind ^^.
    what cam did u used ?
    just wanna know if your using a photo editor to polish some of the pics?
    and lastly what is your height? :”>

    well i’m a huge fan of yours and even camille & laureen i admire your friendships ♥

  4. joyy says:

    same outfit with lissa kahayon. you look gorgeous too.

  5. Ishi says:

    Follow your blog <3 great stuffs.

    Let's be friends shall we?

  6. Janell says:

    You’re so beautiful, and the dress is just amazing! love it :)

  7. Steve says:

    Your makeup and accessories are gorgeous, Kryz!! xoxo

  8. JB Jance says:

    This look reminds of Gossip Girl. It’s very Serena van der Woodsen! <3

  9. belle says:

    omg you really looked like a real goddess!!

  10. Martine says:

    Love, love, love this dress! Stumbled upon it on Pinterest today and thought it’d be perfect for my junior prom. I’m very curious as to where you got it or where I can find one similar to this dress. I clicked on the links above but since this post was made several months back they are out of season. If you know of anything similar to this dress please let me know. Must have something like this for my prom!

  11. Nica says:

    I love that dress! It’s super cute!

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