Grand Canyon, Chiang Mai

If you’ve always wanted to visit the Grand Canyon, but can’t get yourself to the US of A anytime soon, well… look no further. Welcome to the Grand Canyon of Asia- HangDong Canyon in Chiang Mai, Thailand! It’s pretty cool to hang out here, even if it is quite a drive (45 mins) from the city. We brought a car and parking is free, but if you are a tourist, I recommend using UBER or renting a motorbike.

Hang Dong Canyon is located atΒ 244 M.3 T.Namphrae A.hangdong, Chiang Mai. Slater and I soaked up this immaculate view with some iced coffee they sold at the counter. You can order food there too. It does get quite hot and humid, so being in the shade during the early afternoons is a good idea. We arrived about 2-3PM and were not bothered by crowds at all!

You can go rock climbing, jump off the cliffs, swim around, listen to music and just chill out here. It’s pretty awesome! Entrance was just about 50 Baht, so it’s not bad at all! Plus, I saw tourists from all over the world hanging out, so it’s a great place to meet people too! Just don’t forget to bring your sunscreen and bug spray!