Grand Spaces

I never thought I’d be able to try my hand at the innerwear for outerwear trend, but here I am getting more and more addicted to corsets everyday. A trick I’ve found is to match them with pieces that strongly convey a look that’s not vulgar. My theme du jour is dainty-miss-stepford with a youthful twist. I love how the cropped hem of the corset plays well with the length of the pencil skirt, and the sultry white lace is balanced off by the burst of yummy colors. It also helps a lot that I’m surrounded by a row of yellow belles, don’t you think?

I get a lot of inquiries as to who takes my outfit shots (usually its Jack), and where we shoot everyday. As much as I’d want to, I don’t exactly have the luxury of time to scout for amazing locations ala Rumi Neely. (A girl’s gotta work!) So when I can’t find a pretty place to shoot at where I’m at that day, I usually do is head straight for the nearest subdivision or large patch of unmanned greenery that I can find. In residential spaces, there aren’t much people who stare or jeepneys that honk at you (5 minutes of hell!) (Yes,  it only takes Jack and I 5 minutes a day to shoot an outfit shot!) and usually the roads are well maintained and the house exteriors are really pretty.

Something I’m particularly excited about is a new development along one of my usual spots in Cebu, Banilad. My cousin is building a huge residential space called “Grand Residences” right in the heart of MJ Cuenco Avenue, and it’s the biggest development in the city to date! Aside from the obvious accessibility feature, they’re fixing up 3.5 hectars of land (THATS HUGE!) Best part is that 65% of that whole land is going to be used as open space for amenities like a nice clubhouse and a pool! And you know what that means… tananannnnn- a whole lot of outfit shot locations! Woot woot! #bloggerproblems I’m wondering… you think it’s too soon for me to invest in property? lol

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What do you think?

Bayo cardigan (old, similar here), Lace corset (similar here), Call It Spring belt, Romwe skirt (similar here), Celine trio bag, Wicked Drops earrings

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22 Responses to Grand Spaces

  1. Iris Garcia says:

    I like it your outfit … And the locations that you used are so awesome, and I have to say that combine with your looks :)

  2. chloe says:

    i love your shoes ans skirt! 😉 btw u look like jack on ur last picture..;)

  3. Sephie Rojas says:

    Investing in property isn’t that bad, as long as it’s not a dead investment, I think :) Maybe you can ear income by having people rent your space? Surely people would wanna live in a place owned by Kryz Uy, haha!

    PS: I love it when you wear simple makeup :) It looks so fresh and casual

  4. ara moya says:

    love the outfit.. what is the brand of your shoes?

  5. Lydia says:

    Love this outfit, very classy! And I realised you didn’t put on eyeliner! Its a different look, you look younger! (:

  6. Steve says:

    Love your sexy corset top and pretty pumps, Kryz! You have such a beautiful smile, Honey! xoxo

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