Granville Island

One thing you don’t know about these photos is that my fingers nearly fell off when we shot them! It was raining, insanely cold, and the wind just made it feel so much worse! Plus, I had nothing on but this maxi and cardigan (big mistake!!!). Being the good blogger that I am though (lol), we went for it, just tried our best, and shot away. That was 5 minutes of intense effort and concentration, then we immediately ran indoors and watched the blood rush back into us! After that we were just too beat to explore, so we went out for some coffee and called it a day. Granville is pretty awesome if it isn’t rainy though. You can buy all sorts of yummy fresh things from the public market for so much less! Theres a good fish and chips place by the dock too! And we would definitely have tried to ride the water taxi or sit by the water to enjoy the view. But for now, saving my extremities from frost bite is main priority. ‘Til next time, Granville!

Mulberry bag, Tag Heuer Watch, Marni X H&M dress

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