Hair Bun tutorial

So, how did I do this ridiculously awesome ginormous bun without the use of any hairpins, hairsprays, hair donuts and all that? SIMPLE!

Step one:

Gather all your hair into a messy pony tail using your Goody stay put rubber bands, and don’t pull it all the way through so you have one giant loop hanging. The trick here is keeping your hair messy so it stays in place and looks effortless!

Step two:

Push the loop on top of your head and secure the back (including the rubber band) with a Goody stay put clamp. This particular clamp has a new technology that includes a rubber garter inside the clasp to really hold your hair in position, so its important that you use the Goody brand.

Step three:

Since your hair is in a messy loop, the loop should hang back enough to cover the clamp. Et voila- one huge fluffy pastry on top of your head!


Thanks to Goody for my hair goodies! (just had to say that!)

And more on my outfit soon! (Jacket from Clothes for the Goddess)


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