If you follow me on Pinterest, you’d see that I have a whole folder dedicated to hair styles I love. That’s because I believe your hair is your crowning glory. It makes or breaks your look as much as shoes, accessories and clothes do. Isn’t it true that when you have a good hair day, you feel so beautiful and confident? Im sure your answer is yes! A majority of the emails I get from my readers ask about hair care and how I achieved my healthy curly locks. This is one of the reasons why I’ve teamed up with the wonderful people from PANTENE to bring you the Stylista x Pantene Series! 

In the next coming month, I’m going to do a series of posts about some of the trendiest hair styles you can try today, and how you can play around with your look to make it suit your hair. As part of the project, we had the looks locally interpreted and executed by Pantene Hair Expert Alex Carbonell, celebrity stylist and chief creative director of Studio Fix by Alex Carbonell salon.Of course, trying out different styles would mean going through tough torture situations (heat styling, coloring, friction by brushing) that could damage your hair, and I’m sure that’s another set of queries and emails waiting to happen! So this is where PANTENE comes in. Each look will come complete with before and after looks, outfits, and which products you can use for that particular style. Excited??? I know I am! Hope you can keep posted for this awesome collaboration coming at you real soon!

*photo by Edric Chen, clothes by Levi’s