Happy Halloween!

Horaaaaay! Halloween is finally here! It’s one of my favorite holidays because everyone gets to dress up and be creative (obviously something I’m interested in!) Last night, Mike and I braved the spooky streets of All Hallows Eve in our pop star numbers. He went as Drake (though I keep telling him he could totally be Bieber lol) while I went as the infamous Lady Gaga. Would you believe that the only thing I had to buy to get this look was the wig? Everything else I had in my closet! I guess I’m just as crazy as Lady Gaga is when it comes to her sartorial choices! (Except I may not ever buy myself a meat dress lol) Plus, aren’t you so proud of me for keeping my posts up to date? *pats self on back*

We met a lot of interesting characters that night, including my gorgeous Flapper girl sister, The Chinese Mafia, Ronald McDonald, Michael Jackson, Snow White, Playboy bunny, Convict and Cop and so much more! I came to the party looking fierce and fresh, and left with my hair in a bad state of mess, losing my lipstick and jacket, half my face lightning gone, and my bangs riding up my forhead! Well, I guess you could say it was a fun fun night!

Wacoal Corset (similar here), WAGW jacket (similar here), Windsor shorts (similar here), SM Accessories belt (similar here), Lemon Online bag (similar here), DAS heeless platforms (similar here)

All photos taken with my Canon S100