Hello from NYFW!

If I lived in New York- in this exact space, with this insane view of the city- I’d probably sh*t myself. Okay first of all, if I had this place to myself, I’d be BAAAALLIIIIN! 💸 New York is already crazy expensive as it is! I wonder how much money I’d have to make to afford prime real estate like this. I sat in this exact spot for hours on end just trying to imagine how my life would be in that situation. The conclusion? Pretty awesome and pretty impossible! 😛

So… what’s a girl to do? Make the most out of the situation and have a mini photoshoot of course! It helps that Maybelline kept all these cute lights and glam tables around. Definitely need one of these in my life!

I changed out of my Gucci Sweater and into Mom’s vintage blazer right before the shows. That might not be common practice to opt for no-name brands when you have a designer one ready during fash week, but I just wanted my first ever show to be special. I had to have a piece of mom with me somehow. I think the look wasn’t too bad. What do you think?