High Cuts

If there’s one thing I love stocking up on, it’s high waisted shorts! Especially the ones from Topshop because they fit ah-mazingly! I love how they give off that preppy old school vibe, and how they don’t look short even when they are short. Perfect for petite girls like me! I wear a lot of short shorts because I’m short (and I’m not only saying that because it sounds pretty funny. lol) Because I have long legs (which, unfortunately for me, aren’t directly proportional to my torso), I like to emphasise them to make me look waaaay taller than I actually am! To those of you who never expected me to be a measly 5’2- see, it works!

I love matching pastel colors this season, and my favorite match has to be teal and lavander. When I found both colors in a pretty top at Esther, I knew I had to have it! They worked so well with my stripe shorts, agree? Not wanting to overwhelm my look, I stuck to simple rings for accessories. I used to hate rings as a kid cause they’d always feel so uncomfortable to play around with, but now I absolutely love them! Especially when they have my name on it, like this cute wire one from Anagon!

When I just want to look put together but comfortable, I usually turn to sneaker wedges. I’ve been wearing them (without the wedges) since I was studying in Paris back in 2008, and I still haven’t gotten over them! It must be the frustrated street dancer in me lol. Back in college, the hip hop dancers of my dance troupe used to wear sneakers like these all the time and since I couldn’t get myself to dance with swag as much as they could, I opted to go for their fashion statements instead! Luckily for me, they’re everywhere now and they come in sleeker designs with built in heels! Now that’s a win win!

What do you think?

Esther top, Topshop shorts (similar here), Mango cardigan (similar here), H&M glass ring, Anagon wire ring, Alt Manila bag, Skechers sneaker wedges (similar here)

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