High End Skincare Haul + Giveaway


Giveaway time!!! The first leg of #SANTAKRYZ will be me gifting you with a HIGH END SKIN CARE ITEM OF YOUR CHOICE from BEST BUY WORLD!!! AAAH so excited for CHRISTMAS!!!!

Fast forward to the Haul: 3:08

Fast forward to the giveaway: 9:02


Giveaway Mechanics:

1. Create an account here.

2. Visit the Best Sellers page on the website and choose anything that you’d love to have for you and your loved one. (One item only)

3. Write on the comments section below and include your loved one’s NAME, and paste the link of the item to stand a chance to win it!

4. Prizes can be delivered (upon your choice) so we encourage all the entrants to ask their friends to create an account too.

5. Winners will be chosen by Best Buy. The announcement of contest winners will be done in 10 days!


PS. The photo above does not belong to me! I saved it as a peg and now I can’t find the original source. If you know who owns it, please let me know so I can credit!