Highlighting It

Wore a very bright and playful number to work because I knew it was going to get really hectic that day. At least when I became all worn out and beat up, I had something bright and alive going on in my look! It’s usually easiest to wear neon when paired with neutral and muted tones, but I’ve recently discovered that matching them with pastels work too! This skirt was perfect because it allowed me to add more neon accents through my accessories. The reason the look didn’t border on overkill is because all the colors came from the print on my skirt, and none of them were done in excess.

I piled on a bunch of neon/pastel accessories as well to keep the look cohesive.

Another addition to my sandals obsession! Love how comfy and pretty these Zecca sandals are. My mom, siblings and I take turns wearing them everyday because they’re just perfect for the weather and lifestyle here in Cebu!

What do you think about my look?

F&X top (similar here), Sunpocket sunnies from Terminal Manila, Binkydoodles skirt, Zecca sandals, Goody spin pins, Giftsahoy ring, Extreme finds chain bracelet, braid and chain bracelet and necklace

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36 Responses to Highlighting It

  1. Crae Mitchelle says:

    Hi Ms. Kryz! I wanted to ask if where do you took this shot? I’ve been really curious about where you take your outfit shots ’cause I want to help my friend in terms of looking for a perfect place for her outfit shots, she is a newbie in fashion blogging by the way and I’m the one who always took her outfit shots. And Ms. Kryz, we’re really a fan of yours and I would love to experience in taking your outfit shots someday. LOL! Thank you Ms. Kryz and God Bless.

  2. Lena says:

    love the sunnies and the skirt. oh well the total look.

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