Hints of Persia

Clothes like these make me feel like I belong on the set of Aladdin! Paisley vest, gold lame shorts, beaded bracelets, tassled heels- I mean come on! It’s such a great reinterpretation of their costumes! I really believe that you can get inspiration from anything. This look may have been inspired from a movie made 10 years ago, but recreating it into a current on trend outfit is where all the fun is! I even did my hair up to get a better feel of the look!

I wore my bone necklace from OS to add a bit more character to my look. When my boyfriend Mike first saw this on me, he freaked out and asked me not to wear it when I was with him. lol. I guess it’s a man repelling piece! I still love the edge it brings to an outfit though!

My vest looks so immaculate doesn’t it? I love how luxurious it looks, when in reality, it’s really affordable! I don’t believe that you need to buy expensive pieces to look good (although expensive pieces make it a hell of a lot easier!) With the right pieces and styling techniques, you can achieve any look without breaking the bank. That’s actually what we tell our customers at WAGW!

Another scene stealer in this look has to go to my gold shorts. Shining shimmering splendid! I told you I was inspired by Aladdin!

To cap the look, tassel back heels for that ultimate arabian (or magic carpet) feel!

What do you think?

Binkydoodles vest (similar here), GAP top, CESA shorts (similar here), Lulu’s heels, OS Accessories necklace, Casio watch, SM Accessories bracelets, Goody hair pins

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Thanks to Lissa Kahayon for taking my outfit shots!