Holiday High

Let me welcome the first day of twenty thirteen with a high hopes in the form of high slits, and a fresh start with a change of environment. These photos were taken on the first day of my family’s trip to HongKong for the holidays. I know, I know… my travel posts are getting boring! I always seem to be heading to HongKong. lol. But I just can’t help it! It’s our favorite place for last minute vacations, and the nearest country with cool weather during Christmas! So, to shake things up a bit, instead of spending everyday shopping and eating like I normally do (don’t judge now!), I went on a touristy trip and revisited all the fun places I remember of HK during my childhood! (Stay tuned for my travel entries this week for a whole lot of fun!) First stop- Victoria Park!

Look at me pretending like this was candid. I’ve always wanted the perfect “walking away” shot ala Fashion Squad but I just can’t seem to get it right! Plus, as Jack and I were taking photos and repeatedly counting “1,2,3- go!” a reader from LA was watching by the sidelines looking at me completely making a fool of myself! I love meeting readers and followers from all over the world, especially when I’m travelling. So glad I was able to meet a few in HK!

Because it was Christmas (okay, fine- the day after) I wanted to wear something special and festive. Red was the color of preference for obvious celebratory reasons, and this Style Staple dress just screamed “pick me!” while I was packing. It was a bit chilly out, so I wore a jacket over it, but the weather was perfectly fair enough to let me wear my high slits without shivering to death! Accessories were in simple basic black and gold to keep the classy look without going overboard.

What do you think?

Romwe jacket and necklace, Style Staple dress, FFAQ booties

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Friends, I want you all to meet my craaaazy family- all twelve and a half of us (one half=baby in my sister’s belly)! I’m so happy we all decided to go on a trip together. If there’s one thing that matters most to me, it’s family. On the left side is my brother Dicky, his wife Gretchen and their two kids Liam and Gavin. Beside them is my beautiful mom Irene, my brilliant dad Johnny, my talented sister Jack and myself. To my right is my very pregnant sister Diane (founder of WAGW!), her husband Conrad and their two kids Izzy and Zoey. Wishing each and every one a happy happy new year and a merry and bright 2013 to come from all of us to you! x


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54 Responses to Holiday High

  1. Laarni says:

    I love your gorgeous outfit! Love everything about it. Also, cute family! Haha. Happy New Year! 😀

  2. Y says:

    Hi! Did you really wear your heels around HK?? Or did you just carry them for stylin purposes? Hahaha!

  3. yannie says:

    you wore the same dress like that of miss laureen uy! :) cool! you look pretty in your outfit! :)

  4. dane says:

    same dress that Laureen wore on NYE . I think it looked better on you. the 4th photo is GORGEOUS~!

  5. jho says:

    omg! i am so in love with this outfit.

  6. Alyssa says:

    Wow! Gorgeous as ever Kryz! Btw, you and Laureen wore the same dress. Who wore best? LOL. =))

  7. Lisa. says:

    I love your style! You are beautiful girl!
    KissKiss L.

  8. Dreb says:

    Cool family. Game na game ung mom and dad mo for a wacky pose, awesome! Ngayon ko lang din totally na explore ang new site mo. Andaming awesomeness! haha.

    Happy new year, Kryz! :)

  9. Charisse Roa says:

    Gorgeous look! The cat walk photo was such a winner alongside with your family photo, of course! Happy to know that you went on a trip together with your family, Miss Kryz! Hope 2013 will be bigger for you since you were so blessed last 2012! Happy New Year! ♥

  10. Dan Urmaza says:

    What happened to your elbow on the 2nd photo? And on the 4th, the waist part, is it photoshopped? :)

  11. Mitch D. says:

    lovely familyyyy <3

  12. such a sexy dress! and what a body :) amazing

  13. Mylena says:

    você deveria ajudar os pobres

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