HongKong Travel Diary

As promised, here are a few photos of my trip to HongKong with my sisters via instagram (@kryzzzie)! The photo above is my favorite. Imagine my luck, peeking out the window of the airplane and finding a beautiful rainbow cast over the city’s amazing landscape. A sign of the good times in store for us? I think so!

Art with MakeUp! We loved Chanel’s creative display!

Of course, we just had to look for new non-commercial places to dine. We spotted sidewalk restaurants with the Β most people waiting outside, and waited out with them! In the words of my sister Jack, it was Spicy Noodle overload!

One of the comments on my instagram about the photo on the upper left was that my bag looked like a dino skeleton kissing me! I totally see it! Lol

Β More photos of my crazy trip with my crazy sisters soon!