Hope in the Haze

Hey ho dear readers, it’s time for day 2 of my date with daddy in Singapore! Again, first things first, I’d like to apologize for the few hours of down time last night that this blog experienced once again. I read all your tweets and panicked with you when I couldn’t open my blog! To add to the stress of trying to fix that, I was terribly ill, and had to cancel my trip to HongKong scheduled today because of it! Soooo, i’m now stuck in my bed, as per usual these past few days, and religiously trying to feel better. I miss wearing my pretty clothes! lol Anyway, my tech team has done a whole lot of things to ensure it doesn’t happen anymore, so I’m crossing my fingers and hoping it works! Okay, moving along…

Our timing couldn’t be any worse! The day we arrived in SG was the first day of the record breaking haze! Everyone we met that day talked about how bad it was, and I only really saw the gravity of it when I had breakfast on the 27th floor of the hotel! Check out the blurred view of the city! 5 minutes or less outdoors and my hair started to smell like smoke from a night out! tsktsktsk

My dad was still game to explore the city though, so we went around looking for hole in the wall restaurants to eat in, and headed back indoors when the smell of the haze started to catch up with us. There’s daddy above telling me I should pose there. Cute, right?

Since Singapore is a really hot and humid city, I made sure to come prepared! I packed my lightest clothes, including this cutout one from Binkydoodles. Whenever im in Singapore, I always end up wearing cutouts! I guess they’re unconsciously my choice of “air-con” dressing! lol

I wanted to do something creative with the beautiful prints of this dress, so I got my native necklace from Island Girl and used it as a belt! I love how it totally tied the whole look together! Necklaces as belts are something I always do, and the results are always fab!

Dad and I decided to head back to the hotel for some cocktails about mid-afternoon. To be honest with you, we really didn’t plan this trip! All he wanted to do was eat and shop, and so that’s basically all we did!

Finally, dad’s friends met up with us and took us to a hole in the wall restaurant in Chinatown. We just loooove secret places like this one because it makes us feel like total locals! This restaurant was so cool because the waitress led us to the alley behind it and served us our food on a table in the streets!

I didn’t take a photo of everything because my dads friends chowed it all down before I could stop them, but don’t these dishes look goooood? Too bad I forgot the name of the restaurant! #badblogger

More about Singapore soon!x

Binkydoodles dress (similar here), Island Girl necklace worn as belt, Primaluxe Manila sandals (similar here), Goody hair elastic, Proenza Schouler bag, Beauty and Butter nailpolish

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