Photo by Lea Ann
Modeling Styling MUA by me

Thanks to Michael Antonio for the awesome set of heels!


Clothes from WAGW


I am in love with anything that looks like my grandmother could have worn it when she was younger. I heard that writers aren’t allowed to use the term “vintage” anymore, so i’ll stick to “clothes with character.” When asked to describe my sense of style, a part of my answer always has something to do with creating more modern dimensions to clothes with character. I love getting to change the image of one item of clothing by how I decide to wear it. I love taking something seemingly unwearable and trying to make it modern and appropriate. My sister always tells me “that is so YOU” when she sees me eyeing ancient cuts and styles. When I shop with my mom, I usually end up getting the “older looking” items while she buys the brightly colored trendy ones. Strange.