How To: Cut and Style your Sinulog T-shirts!

Sinulog (Cebu’s biggest festival/street party) is right around the corner, and a lot of us know what that entails! Paint, street party, paint, people, dancing, paint, beer, sweat and a lot more paint! I normally advise my friends flying in for the festival to wear a shirt they never want to wear out again (because of the paint, duh!) but then I found an even better alternative- Island Souvenirs! They’ve been around for ages, and they have the best touristy shirts that we can all spruce up to fit our personal style! Here are a few ways you can  you can cut and style your Sinulog tees (courtesy of the amazing Islands Souvenirs)!

1. The simple Off-Shoulder Top:

2. Braided Halter Top:

3. Cropped Tank Top:

4. Cropped Tie-Knot top:

5. T-shirt Weave Top:

Easier to follow video instruction on t-shirt weaving here.

6. Three Weave back Top:

7. Fringe Bottom Top:

Hope you found these DIY tips useful! Grab your shirts at the nearest Island Souvenir shop near you! Viva Pit Senyor, and see you on the streets, Cebu!

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104 Responses to How To: Cut and Style your Sinulog T-shirts!

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  4. Jou Anne April says:

    I’m posting this on my blog ate kryz with credits obviously! hahahhaha thanks for the ideas! im sure my friends will love it badly. cant wait for sinulor 2k14 :)

  5. Hanna says:

    libre lang po ba to? pagkatapos bumili ng shirt nyo?

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  9. megs says:

    my friends and i need these DIYs and we’ll gonna try it! Thank you for the brilliant ideas! 😉

  10. kylie says:

    hoping that you’ll have a mobile app for your blog:) God bless ate kryz and thank you for sharing your own ideas:)

  11. Amanda says:

    Cool designs! I am a great fan of these DIY. I was looking for T-shirt cutting ideas and your article is full from these ideas. Now I can design my T-shirts as per my wish. Thank you so much for sharing such a nice ideas. I am going to try these designs.

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