How To: Cut and Style your Sinulog T-shirts!

Sinulog (Cebu’s biggest festival/street party) is right around the corner, and a lot of us know what that entails! Paint, street party, paint, people, dancing, paint, beer, sweat and a lot more paint! I normally advise my friends flying in for the festival to wear a shirt they never want to wear out again (because of the paint, duh!) but then I found an even better alternative- Island Souvenirs! They’ve been around for ages, and they have the best touristy shirts that we can all spruce up to fit our personal style! Here are a few ways you can  you can cut and style your Sinulog tees (courtesy of the amazing Islands Souvenirs)!

1. The simple Off-Shoulder Top:

2. Braided Halter Top:

3. Cropped Tank Top:

4. Cropped Tie-Knot top:

5. T-shirt Weave Top:

Easier to follow video instruction on t-shirt weaving here.

6. Three Weave back Top:

7. Fringe Bottom Top:

Hope you found these DIY tips useful! Grab your shirts at the nearest Island Souvenir shop near you! Viva Pit Senyor, and see you on the streets, Cebu!

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104 Responses to How To: Cut and Style your Sinulog T-shirts!

  1. joann says:

    wow, from ordinary shirts to fashionable ones! u’r such a fashion genius! thanks for sharing!

  2. Christine says:

    Will try this out with my old T-shirts!

  3. Great ideas! i will try some out definitely :)

  4. Fantazja says:

    Thank you thank you thank you ! I know finally how I may create something special with my old skirts !

  5. aiyrissh mayrrei says:

    great ideas!! perfect! will definitely try this out… *_*

  6. erika says:

    SUPER PERFECT! you’re a genius! mayta mgkita tah nig Sinulog *finger’s crossed*

  7. Me and my bff’s used to recreate clothes like these. But youve executed better… this is your best blog post ever, though i also loved all of your posts, but this is something i enjoyed a lot. Thnx! keep it up …

  8. Kath Torres says:

    Your DIY shirts are so cool! You did a great job. Now thinking of buying more shirts and make them look like these :)

  9. kaz says:

    Hi ms Kryz!
    Where did you get ur pink animal print shorts in this post? Tnx! :)

  10. Renamae Dumapias says:

    WOAH!!!! thanks a lot SUPER!!!! this will help me use my souvenir shirts differently… ahaha

  11. Rhea says:

    This post is awesome! I am a huge fan!

  12. Micah Gatus says:

    I love the Fringe Bottom Top and the Cropped Tie-Knot top! so cool :)

  13. Cheska Aranas says:

    Are those skirts or dresses that you wore with Fringe Bottom Top and Cropped Tie-Knot top? What other bottoms can you suggest wit those tops :)

  14. Marie Lao says:

    Hi Ms. Kryz. Where did you buy the blue pumps? Were you the one who thought of these such great ideas? I know you are. :) I just want to say that you’re so great. God bless. :)

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