How to do your eyes: A Make Up Class for Asian Monolids

I get a ton of requests to do make-up tutorials for my eyes, and I reckon its because I have Monolids– super small eyes without a double eyelid, that more often than not, are very difficult to transform. I’m no make up guru, but here are a few things I do to help make my eyes look- for lack of a better term- more alive.


The tricky thing about asian Monolid eyes is that the skin above the eyeball (obviously, I have no idea what the proper term for this is) tends to curl inwards and “swallow” the makeup. This is the reason why I apply a thick eyeliner line at the base of my lashes, as compared to double eyelids, who only need a millimeter of liner to add drama. It may look too thick with eyes closed, but once I open my eyes, the liner completely disappears, or only leaves a small hint enough to make my lashes look fuller.

Also, I find that the trick to making your eyes look bigger is to apply contouring. I put on a nude base, and blend in a light brown + soft gray from the outer corners following the natural crease of my eyes. In effect, you’re just darkening the natural shadow that would form over your crease. Make sure you blend well so it doesn’t end up looking too drawn on.

This is the end result. As you can see, the thick liner looks super thin with my eyes opened, and the eye shadow contour just emphasizes the eye’s crease. Of course, I made it extra thick this day so it would show better on the photo, but naturally, it just looks a little lighter.


For the same reason I’ve mentioned above, I always apply a thick black base that starts at the top of my lash line. Smokey eyes are the most flattering to Monolids because the gradient effect easily opens up your eyes. In this photo, I did a black to pink gradient that blends smoothly upward. Because the bottom color of my gradient is really dark, the single eyelid is less noticeable. Your eye shape will look different depending on how you shape your gradient- upward, inward or outward.

This is how the it looks with my eyes open. Your eyes will look deeper and fuller (more mysterious, I might add) with this style of make-up.

If you’re an eye shadow newbie, don’t get intimidated by all the powder and mixing and piling up of colors! It may look really dark with your eyes closed, but again, the effect will definitely change with your eyes open, so make sure to keep adjusting accordingly. Sometimes I like applying eyeliner with my eyes open, just so I can gauge how thick or thin I want it to look with my eyes open. Lastly, Its best to practice before you go to bed, and re-do what you like tomorrow, so you don’t end up with a look you won’t like during the day!

Hope my tips were helpful! I’d love to hear how they did or didn’t help you, so leave a comment! <3