How To: Make Big Curls

Here’s my long awaited reply to all the requests for hair how-to’s, and since I basically don’t do anything but shampoo, condition and air dry, I got my trusted sidekick and hair style addict, Jack, to help me create another easy tutorial for you! Both of us are just playing around, so don’t expect much (you can see my messy room, and my mouth chewing something every so often lol)! Plus, Jack went on and added those funny words in the clip, and I decided to keep them on just for laughs! Lol This is actually what we do when we decide not to head work in the mornings. (Don’t tell our Boss, Diane! hahaha, but do let us know what you think!) Cheers!
Brush and Pins I’m using are by Goody!

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36 Responses to How To: Make Big Curls

  1. dane says:

    where did you get the velcro rollers?

  2. Yelah says:

    Watched it twice so helpful! :) More videos! :)

  3. Christine says:

    You make it looks so easy… hehe I’ll definitely give it a try.

  4. Darren Mae de Torres says:

    Hi Ms. Kryz! :) you do this most of the time/everyday or you’re into digiperm? thanks :) more how to vids! :)

  5. Hannah Lyn says:

    haha. i enjoyed the boom. diva. boom. demure. :) do you use the hairspray + curling iron combo every day? doesn’t that damage hair? just asking. :)

    • Kryz says:

      Hi Hannah! Glad you enjoyed. Nope, I dont use it everyday. I mentioned above that I just wash and wear my hair, but since a lot want to achieve the same look without having curly hair, this is how you do it :)

  6. Hey Ms. Kryz. I always read your page and follow your tips! Especially when it comes to fashion. Just curious, is your hair digipermed? I have a curly and has thick strands. Its a bit dry. Any tips? Style tips or even hair care tips? My head shape is the same as yours. And I dont know what to do with my hair. Huuu~ :(

  7. Joann says:

    I laughed at your captions. haha. cute :) my officemates enjoyed this vid as well 😛

  8. Angelamhiere says:

    Love it! I’ll try this next time… My hair was rebonded seven months ago but when I style it, it goes back to its original shape. I hope it would work on my tresses! ^__^

    Great tutorial! <3

    By the way, what curler did you use? =D

  9. kc gerona says:

    hello ms kryz, what brand po yung hairspray? :)))

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  11. Jean Valerio says:

    Hello! what brand po ng curling iron ang ginamit mo? Thanks :)

  12. Justine says:

    hey Kryz, I know this tutorial has been around awhile, but I don’t see any other recent post about hairstyling, especially curling , so I’m commenting here. Anyway, I’d like to ask what brand of curling iron you’re currently using (if ever you’re using one, I mean your current hairstyle doesn’t need much curling

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