How To: Quick Fix your Chipped Nails

I hate those times when I have my nails done and they look fabulous one day, and all chipped the next! So, I thought of an easy way to solve this problem without having to visit the salon again. It’s a life saver, especially to people who have jam packed scheds like me! Hope you’ll find this useful as well!

What you’ll need: nail polish remover (just in case), tape, nail polish, top coat and quick dry (optional).

Oh, you’ll need some chipped nails too!

Get some tape and strategically place them over the parts where the polish still looks fab. ย Press the tape firmly so there are no bubbles.

Paint over the whole finger nail.

Apply top coat and let it dry. I know it looks weird right now, but patience please!

When your nails have dried, feel free to peel off the tape and witness your chipped nails now tranformed into fun geometric nail art!!! My suggestion is to use dark polish so that the chipped parts really don’t show anymore.

What do you think?