How to Stay Connected Around the world

Jet setting around the world is a perk I most love about my job. But the hard part about it is staying connected to work and loved ones back home. It’s not so much the time difference that bothers me, it’s having to find a local sim card or forcing myself to spend for roaming services, especially on trips where I spend more than a week out of town.

On my most recent Europe trip though, I was easily able to update all my social media channels, book train tickets online, Facetime with this weirdo (above), and Google Maps my way around the city. Jack too! We were both connected to the same device that gave us Wifi connection- the same device we took from city to city. Flytpack.

I thought I’d share this with you guys because ITS TRUELY AMAZING. I got my FlytPack while I was still in the Philippines. All I did was tell them where I was headed and on which dates- and they set it all up for me. This device kept us connected from London to The Netherlands to Paris, and I didn’t have to call or activate anything. It happened automatically and without any glitches.

The battery life is good too. Jack and I had it turned it on the entire time we were out, and it never ran out of juice!

Plus, it so conveniently fits inside your little travel bags.

Find out more about it here. You’re welcome!

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