How to: “Suit Up” when you’re in a rush

The moment matching suits and combo’s came out on top of trends lists, the first thing on my mind was how I used to hate wearing them as a kid. My mom would buy these top and bottom sets from the kids store and insist that I wear them together and never apart. I was so little back then, but I remember feeling like my creativity was stifled because I couldn’t mix and match. (HAHAHA I know, I sound like a little brat, but I swear I felt that way! lol) Now though, these matching pieces come up and I hold on to it like it’s golden! They’re perfect for days when you need to make an impression, but you’re cramped for time and you have no idea what to wear. (Yes, those precise situations exist!) Imagine the convenience of just having to grab one thing without thought, and coming up with a look thats super on trend and chic! Yes ladies, a quick trick to dressing up when your in a rush is to stock up on printed suits and matching sets.

The day I wore this suit was a perfect example of when it really comes in handy. I was soooo happy I had it then because I woke up real late from a busy night before, and I had to get all my stuff ready (work, blog and pilates materials included) and rush out of the house in 20 minutes! That day, I had meetings lined up like crazy, a day event in between, and an intimate dinner with my best friend that evening! This outfit doesn’t really scream intimate dinner, but since we’re both bloggers, I figured she would understand!

I wore classic accessories in gold because my suit, bag and heels were already playful enough, and I needed to add a bit of maturity to the look. That’s another tip I use when dressing up: tone down the feel of a look by matching it with something on the opposite end of the spectrum. That way, you wont be overly edgy, overly girly or overly anything-you-dont-want-to-be-overdosed-in.

Yellow shoes and yellow bag were my picks that day, because honestly, I was in so much of a rush that I grabbed both thinking they were a sure fire match. One of the oldest tricks in the book is to pick the least vibrant color in the print you are wearing and accessorise with that. When you have no time to plan and think about what to wear, this really comes in handy!

It’s also best to have a go-to make up kit with all your beauty essentials so you can fix up while you’re on the go. If you don’t have time to prettify yourself before you leave, just apply sunblock/BB cream/moisturizer, add a bit of blush and dump everything else into your bag for a retouch session in the car or bathroom of your next appointment. For hair trouble, grab an elastic and tie your hair up into a loose messy bun. By the time you get to your destination, take the elastic out, and you should have pretty waves that will last you a few hours!

What do you think?

CESA printed suit, Choies bag (similar here), Primaluxe Manila pumps (similar here), slim rings, earring and necklace from mom, GAP tank

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