I’m An APP!

What great news to wake up to!!! My App is finally available for iOS devices on the App Store! I’ve been working on this for quite a while now, meeting a number of developers and designers from different cities, tossing ideas around and planning exactly what I want for my App. Finally, after months in progress, the DWNLD team (responsible for Kayture App, Krisin Cavallari App, Nylon Mag App, etc) all the way in NYC got in touch with me and presented me with the exact design I was looking for. FATE! And now, I am so proud to say that all my lovely readers can access my blog so much easier through their iOS devices! Just download the app here and enjoy! Please don’t forget to RATE and send in a review on the App store as well, if you love me!

Main Page view from the iPad. It shows my latest posts on a grid, so you can pick the entry you want to read easily. Once you’ve chosen, you just tap on the image, and it will take you to an RSS version of the entry that you can simply scroll up and down on.

A burger menu on the upper right hand corner will give you a list of categories you can use to sort through entries.

You can also access my Instagram profile through the App!

And same goes with my YouTube and Twitter profiles too!

So excited about this and I really want to know what you guys think. Please let me know? <3

Download the Thirstythought App here!


For Android users, still finding a way to get it to you, so hold your horses and please don’t hate me!