Im gon’ get-choo

Countdown: 8 more days!

I’ve never been this excited about the Ateneo Freshmen Orientation Seminar (ORSEM) in my life. I canNOT wait to show everyone what my girls and I have been working very hard on. (Intense summer training pays off!) Even though Orsem was regrettably moved (post auditions! and thus hindering us from showing the would-be members what we’re all about), there’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that we will exert more effort into making this dance absolutely legendary! The CADs Jazz Orsem piece will hopefully be one Orsem dance we can be proud of (something we can stick with for RiB). I really have my goals set high for this dance. It IS after all my very first (and very last!) orsem dance, the very first dance I’m heading as Jazz Head, the very first time I can show off my new-generation-jazzers-who-are-gon’-kick-yo-ass! (we’re very hip hop, or at least we try) and the very first time CADs Jazz makes its mark on the freshmen.

So far, I’ve received positive comments about the piece, with just a few side notes. Hoping to fix those really soon (today! later!). But I’m very proud to say that we’ve reached a totally different level. Not only have we managed to improve our stamina by a mile (thank you gio and drew!), professionalize our training sessions and develop better musicality, but we’ve also grown to love each other and laugh our asses off every single time (Oh yeah, im gon’ get-choo!) (side note:Β who’s up for my DAY OF FUN? HAHA)

So, without further ado, let me introduce to you my amazingly awesome girls with their amazingly awesome skills:


…and her freak foot (look at the way she points her feet, which are by the way a size 4!)



…and her hidden sensual side (which i totally totally love! don’t kill me teppie)



…and her stupendous facility of falling to her knees in a blink of an eye!



…my jazz coordinator and her crazy ass extensions that you dont see here (but that she sleeps in!)


and last but definitely not the least:


…the woman of muscle. (and an extremely contagious sense of humor!)


heres another one of Via. I couldn’t choose which one i wanted more, so why not post both!



I mustn’t forget my reliable co-choreographer (along with Via and Michi)


…the ultimate taba-taba

whom we all love to bits and pieces!


Can’t wait to spend the year working with you girls (and vyen)! Cheers to a bright future for CADs Jazz!

Now, where are those freshmen?

Im gon’ get-choo.

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18 Responses to Im gon’ get-choo

  1. Mike says:

    Haha. You should’ve posted a photo of your face matching the title… :! …or something like that. Go jazzers! Show them how its done.

  2. Pau says:

    This hypes me up for trainings!! and it scares the hell out of me at the same time.. but in a good way. :) the dance (even though i just saw like five minutes of it) is GREEAT. good job kryz and good job to dani, teppie, patty, via, mitchi and (drumroll please) vyen-the best new thing ever. :))

  3. glenn says:

    where’s your pic siw? have another viewing of the dance i wanna see :)

    • Kryz says:

      HAHA uhm.. this post was meant to highlight the talents of my awesome dancers! So….not me haha. watch during orsem na! πŸ˜›

  4. pattycakes says:

    awww siw! haha immagetchoo! yeyeyey! excited for orsem diiinnn πŸ˜€ we’re so awesome! πŸ˜€

  5. paten says:

    I just envy you guys so much. I wish I trained with jazz last summer. *sigh*

    so I’m making up for it by reauditioning for jazz! yipee!! can’t wait to train (and be VERY SABAW) with everyone…if I pass. :))

    love you Kryz! :)

    • Kryz says:

      HAHA okay, you have officially regained my friendship. are you sure you wanna train or you just want your picture up here too? haha kidding.

      we cant wait to have you back, dear! :)

  6. via says:

    ahaha! ang hot nga ni teppie sa picture niya.. :))

  7. Siggy says:

    My anak is so hoooooooooooooot!

  8. Angelika Galeno says:

    This is totally awesome! I wish I could be flexible liked them as well! Sorry if I looked at your old posts ^-^V

  9. reca jean says:

    you mustve had an amazing college life. I wish i was born a dancer. haha

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