In the toolbox

Sharing with you a few gadgets in my work box that’s kept me company for a while now:

Hisense HB200MΒ Bluetooth ear piece. This techie little thing has saved my life countless times. How? Well, as most of my twitter followers know, I’m not exactly the best driver around town. I hate it when the phone rings and I have to maneuver my way to the back seat, find my bag, rummage through it, find which phone is ringing, pick it up and say hello- all while on the wheel. The Hisense frees me from all that and automatically diverts my calls straight to my ears. C’est parfait? Well, not really. Although the convenience is a definite plus plus plus, the person on the other line always seems to go “What?” “Can you say that again?” At least it’s a handy piece enough for me to say “Call you later!”

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My Kor waterjug. I blogged about this before, but I have to say it again, I LOVE THIS JUG! It’s so light and fresh, I feel so clean when I use it! Plus, the opening is thick, making it feel like a glass when you drink from it. My favorite part is the inspirational message I see whenever I open the lid. “Be the Change” and “Inspire” are among the options. And again, my twitter followers would notice that I keep tweeting “Be the Change” lines. Yes, my Kor waterjug is responsible for that! Changing people one user at a time- I love it!

Order the classy waterjug here.

My trusty black and white berries, that I would DIE without. It’s a mobile world of wonder, I tell you. I color coded them to know which phone belongs to what line. Convenience is key!

And lastly, my “driving shoes” from Clothes for a Goddess. As you can see from my posts, I wear heels a lot, and it’s not exactly a safety measure. I store these babies inside my car so I don’t have to drive barefoot, and I still look cute (lol) in flats- in case I accidentally forget to change back into my heels!

Order the suede loafers here.