Inside #SunniesVacay

Taking you guys with me to the most FOMO inducing beach vacay to happen this summer- the Sunnies Vacay! Think perfect weather, merch overload, instagrammable everything and your favorite internet people all under one… hashtag. It was super fun, mostly because I have a million pretty photos to share- but REALLY because of a certain someone who made the weekend super epic and full of LOLs. Can you guess who? Stay tuned for my hilarious #SunniesVacay vlog coming for you this Sunday!

Stayed at the Lind Hotel in Boracay and walked into a room full of merch! 😱 Whoohoo!

A hundred degrees but can’t resist this beautiful beach!

So super sam might possibly be the hottest DJ ever.

First day sunset cocktail outfit. Of course, February bag!

A million selfies later, I see a huge full length mirror on the beach front. Time to take some more?

Prettiest dinner set up, yes? Those plants are the perfect addition!

It’s never a vacay without happy hour!

When a few of you decide to jump in the water and seconds later everyone joins in 😅 I love how everyone was super game!

Couldn’t resist!

All aboard the Sunnies Yacht!

Such a beautiful bunch of people!

Glad I wasn’t alone in my pigtail party. Who says we have to grow up?

Thanks to the Sunnies team for the very photogenic weekend!

You guys will want to wait up for my vlog this Sunday, swear 😜



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24 Responses to Inside #SunniesVacay

  1. Tanya says:

    What photoshop editor do you use for your photos? They’re all so pretty!!

  2. martine says:

    Im sooooo into this!!! ahhaha

  3. Blessa Angelique says:

    Can’t wait for the vlog! I think I know who is that certain someone. Hahaha.

  4. Heide says:

    This super vacay is definitely super awesome!

  5. Klah - Klah says:

    Wow! Awesome party. Hay i miss parties like this. Lahi ra jud basta career woman nata. haha. Was the pink camera you’re holding in the pic legit? The sunnies camera?

  6. Luisa Millene says:

    I WATCHED every IG Story of You and Ate Camille and It’s such a FOMO but I’m smiling while watching it !! I really admire the photography skills and the pictures ate WIN IT !!! cant wait for the <VLOG

  7. Sheila Marie Vicente says:

    Superb article, Kryz!!! I really love it. Photography skills on point. I was smiling the whole time I’am watching all the IG stories you shared with us. :)

  8. Gea says:

    You’re right! It is the most FOMO!

  9. Junee says:

    Your new watermark’s looks pretty cool!!!

  10. Tanya says:

    Can’t get over all your photos! Do you own a Leica or do you just borrow Slater’s? hahaha

  11. Sunnies Studios killed it! I love the REVOLVE vibes they did! Your photos and edits tho… level up!!! And with a new ladybug logo? BUT WHYYY hahaha explain to us!!! 😀 You’re like my bestbud now with this logo ( LOVE THE KRYZ UY header on your blog! So goodbye thirstythoughts?! WE DESERVE AN EXPLANATION hahaha love you Kryz!!! Keep doin what you’re doin!

    • Kryz says:

      Sobrang galing noh! Thanks Georgina!!!! :) I had a company do a brand study on me and they said it embodies my fun personality. I like it naman hahaha. Mahaba pa the explanation, maybe ill make a post about it!

  12. Lucy says:

    Hello! What camera(s) do you use? Loooove how you post-processed the photos btw! :) <3

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