Into the Jungle

Last drop from my Palawan series is my favorite one yet. As always, I save the best for last! Since I’ve been to Sheridan Organic Farm in the past, I already knew how insanely photogenic it is. Naturally, I planned my outfit to match. You like? I seem like I reeeeally fit in don’t I? 😅 This top is actually a swimsuit that I matched with a super old floral skirt. If you know me at all, you’d know that I looove doing that! It’s super convenient, especially if you know you’re heading to the beach right after anyway. Naturally, I accessorized with my February Lifestyle “Be My Lady Bag” sling. I don’t like picking favorites but…. I can’t lie. This is it! Among all my bags, I love this one the most. There’s so much work (and reason) that goes behind it, so it won’t be available for purchase until Mid-June, but of course, you guys can pre-order at! I really don’t think it will be a problem with summer ending or not because let’s get real guys, it’s always summer somewhere in the world 😁.

It was muddy and rainy when we arrived, but we still had a great time exploring the place and showing our jowas around. I had the best time because everything they served us for lunch was vegetarian. YUM!

AND OF COURSE, I just had to change bags 😜 You can order this one now. It’s already available at February Lifestyle’s Website.

After lunch, we had a mini tree planting sesh. It was so fun, but I messed up LOL. Slater was just snapping away and didn’t even realize he took this photo of me! We kept laughing when we reviewed photos and saw this!

Right after our healthy and eco-friendly day, we went to the Sheridan Jungle (I have no idea if that’s what it’s really called) and rode some ATVs. I already knew this was going to be messy, so I dressed appropriately. Sporty spice in the house! We looked so cute going in, but right after we were completely covered in mud! Check out what we looked like after here. LOL!

That caps our weekend with Sheridan in Palawan. Always a pleasure to revisit places that hold such good memories, even if you end up doing the exact same things! Just goes to show you really had fun, am I right? Thanks to Sheridan for being our home then! ‘Til the next!