It only feels so nice

There’s something about going out fresh faced in a simple white dress and flats that makes me feel so nice. Maybe its the break from being covered in prints and textures, or maybe it’s just because I’m surrounded by all these pretty white flowers, maybe its the comfort of a basic piece, or maybe even because it’s relaxing to not think much about dressing up at times. I’ve noticed that the simpler I dress and the less make-up I have on, the more compliments I get from the people that see me the most! Do you have it the same way?

Clothes for the Goddess blazer, House of Eva dress, Alexander McQueen bag, WAGW hat, Saatchi flats, Eazy Fashion rings

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44 Responses to It only feels so nice

  1. Marion says:

    You’re very lucky : you may walk nacked legs ! And I love your jacket <3

  2. I like simple get up here!:) and I so like your blazer, I should have this:)

  3. Mariel says:

    You’ll know if a girl is really pretty when she has no make-up on. And you’re very much an example of it 😀

  4. Daphne Siy says:

    I love your dress! and your hat’s too cute!!!!!

  5. mk says:

    clothes for the goddess seems tohave a lot of pretty stuff bcos you posted many items from them…right?

  6. Geela Garcia says:

    I like your hat! And you’re so beautiful. I always say that on your posts but I will never stop because it’s really true. I really look up to you, Ms. Kryz! <3

  7. ehmz says:

    hi :) i want to ask if your hat is available in WAGW in makati..thanks :)

  8. Kathleen says:

    Hi, Kryz! I love your hat! Where did you get it from? :)

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