It’s a Cinch!

I’ve always wanted to try my hand at masculine-feminine dressing. Imagine all those models-off-duty looks with their boxy blazers and straight cut jeans perfectly hanging oversized and effortlessly on their stick thin bodies. But I’m no model, and wearing those things on my petite frame would only make me look like a midget wearing her dad’s clothes! Sooo here’s my take on the androgynous trend! Blazer, tank and jeans-check! But each with a different take that’s more suited to my body. It’s always fun to take trends you like and make it fit into your own personal style, yes?

Since oversized pieces paired with pants or long skirts tend to overpower my petite frame, I made sure to cinch my waist to make it more feminine. I used the excess length of the belt and tied it around in a non-chalant knot to make my work wear outfit seem a bit less stuffy and more effortless and casual.

To keep things interesting, I chose to wear studded flats instead of the expected high-heeled pump. I really don’t believe in heels being the ultimate fashion choice. Sometimes, you just look (and feel) better with flats! But then again, wear whatever makes you happy!

What do you think?

Burberry sunnies,Lemon Online Blazer, GAP tank, YesStyle jeans (similar here), SM Acc earrings and watch, bag (similar here), Pill flats

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29 Responses to It’s a Cinch!

  1. Liz says:

    great look! love the shoes!! <3

  2. Where did you get your shoes???? :”)

  3. Elie Pacubas says:

    those shoes look comfy and deadly! i love em! <3 😀

  4. Caroline says:

    wow, what a lady in here! ♥ beautiful honey, really great job with your outfit!
    with love from

  5. Kristine says:

    Pretty blazer! :)

    Visit my online shop at
    For affordable arm candies and clothing.
    Thank you! :)

  6. Love how you combined everything, Kryz!!


  7. Marie says:

    Love the look! May I ask where you got the shoes from? :)

  8. ish says:

    love the look, the blazer is lovely and the print is amazing.
    love the shoes too!
    xx ish

  9. Eileen says:

    Youre Look is wonderful, I Love it sooooo much,
    and you are very niceee :)

  10. Iris Garcia says:


  11. Steve says:

    Kryz, you are a gorgeous, beautiful, pretty, and might I add sexy model!! You rock in every outfit you wear, Honey!! xoxo

  12. lee says:

    love the shoes.. by the way, have you hurt your thumb? a bandage caught my attention.. hehe.. usyusera lang ti.. paxnxa..

  13. Charisse Roa says:

    I always think that aside from being a blogger, one of the great minds of WAGW and anything in between.. I do consider you as a model :) Love this look! It’s so balanced! 😉

  14. zane saria says:

    Hi kryz, I love love your outfit! BTW, where can I find those cute shoes of yours?

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