It’s A New World

Because my current life is allergic to routines and schedules, I always look forward to staying in and doing nothing. (Who doesn’t?) This holds true anywhere I am, but most especially in Manila, where I’m usually jam packed with work. When New World Manila Bay Hotel sent me an invite for a staycation- there was absolutely zero hesitation, and I automatically plugged it into my schedule in bold red. A cozy room, slumber party with my besties, and yummy breakfast buffet (always a sucker for this)? I’m in! So we packed our bags and found ourselves a home for the weekend. I’m really picky when it comes to hotels, because I value my environment so much, and I’m always affected by it. Give me a comfortable space, and my mood instantly picks up. So when I saw the gorgeous suite we had with a beautiful view of Manila Bay, I did a mini-booty shake of joy! Our first agenda? Blast the music up and jump on the beds! Our whole stay was soooo fun. We literally felt like Wagyu- over fed with really good food, and then massaged til we fell asleep (Insert embarrasing moment: falling asleep on the massage table long after the massage was over- Nicole had to wake me up. lol). The perfect weekend to destress and do nothing if you ask me. Thank you so much to Joey Silvestre for taking such good care of us. Definitely heading back the next time I need some pampering!